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Executive Summary

On June 7, 2016, the United States and India announced that the two nations would participate in a year of travel and tourism partnership in 2017.

The U.S. – India Travel and Tourism Partnership Year marks the first year of bilateral engagement between the Governments of the United States and India on trade in travel and tourism services under the U.S. – India Strategic and Commercial Dialogue.

The Partnership Year is led by the Department of Commerce’s National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) and the Government of India’s Ministry of Tourism (MOT) as part of the Strategic and Commercial Dialogue’s Travel and Tourism Working Group. Through a series of activities agreed to by the NTTO and MOT, the Partnership Year will serve as a platform for both the governments and the private sectors on both sides to identify challenges and maximize opportunities to increase travel and tourism between the two countries.

Public Sector-Private Sector Collaboration: Critial to the Partnership Year’s Success

Recognizing that travel and tourism industry partners like Brand USA have a critical role to play in growing the U.S.-India travel and tourism market, the NTTO will:

  • Work with Brand USA and industry partners to deepen private sector engagement between key players in both countries; and
  • Leverage and incorporate the India-focused marketing efforts of Brand USA and industry partners into overall efforts during the Partnership Year.

Brand USA will utilize this high-level platform to:

  • Bring new programs to partners, bring new partners into the market, and host high-level events to increase involvement;
  • Create inroads for the U.S. travel industry with India trade, media, and government by using the tourism year as a platform of awareness; and
  • Create the space to facilitate better B2B connections and learn about the challenges and opportunities in promoting travel from India to the United States.